Anniversary Cellar Raid (For Dad)


Pay tribute to Dad and Surly with our special post-Fathers Day Anniversary Cellar Raid! We’ll be selling bottles of our anniversary beers to share (list below). The Current’s Bill DeVille will provide the ultimate Dad Rock soundtrack. Roll to Surly Pizza Upstairs to grab an I’m Your Daddy and pop out to the Beer Garden for a screening of Talladega Nights, the touching story of a father, a son, and Cal Naughton, Jr.


  • Four $75
  • Five  $60
  • SYX  $55
  • SeVIIn  $50
  • Eight  $45
  • Nein  $40
  • Ten  $35
  • Eleven  $30

I’m Your Daddy: Pepperoni, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Burnt Honey, Red Sauce, Mozz, $13.