#Beer Hall

Eat Surly To Go!

We’ll continue offering to-go for some of our favorites. Enjoying Surly’s pizza, sandwiches, and wings in the comfort of your own home and/or the front seat of your sensible Honda Civic has proven to be incredibly popular, and we’re happy to keep offering the service.

What’s available? Take a look. Highlights:

    • Pizza.
    • Wings.
    • Sandwiches.
    • A 15% service fee is added to every bill. This is not a gratuity. This service fee is used to pay our employees a higher hourly wage. OUR HARDWORKING STAFF THANKS YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Questions? Let a manager know.
    • We’re offering curbside pickup. Our team outside will collect your information when you pull up.

Our current hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 3pm-9pm and Friday-Sunday from noon-9pm. ORDER ALL THE FOOD NOW.

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