• SGAD MN: Second Harvest Heartland Bring Your Child to Serve Day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day! On Monday, January 18th from 6:00pm-8:00pm we had 66 SGAD Vols (kids and adults) helping out at Second Harvest sorting and packing food for the nearly 600,000 individuals in need of hunger relief in our community. In two hours we were able to pack 4778 pounds of food. Great job everyone. Thanks also to our Event Partner, New Bohemia in Golden Valley for giving us a place to land when the work was all done. Check out the event photos here.
  • SGAD MN: The Loppet Foundation ~ On Sunday, January 31st from Noon-5:00pm we had 40 STURDY volunteers help out with our SGAD Loppet Snow Sculpture Prep Team or what we now refer to as Loppet EXTREME!  We spent the day  lifting timber, climbing scaffolding, building a bridge, erecting lights, shoveling snow….oh yeah and we helped build and fill the snow sculpture forms too. Thank you volunteers for all your efforts and thank you to Roat Osha for being our Event Partner for this great event. See you all at the Loppet Feb. 5-7!


  • SGAD MN: The Loppet Foundation ~ Thank you to all the volunteers who helped pour beer at Surly Beer Garden over the amazing Loppet Weekend of Events, February 5th through February 7th. GREAT job.
  • SGAD MN: Bridging ~ Thank you to the 80 volunteers who came out to Bridging in Bloomington on Wednesday, February 24th from 6:00-8:00pm for our Dresser Build Event. Our goal was to build 50 dressers, we built 56 in just two hours. Bridging is the largest furniture bank in North America, the organization improves lives by providing quality furniture and household goods to those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. Great job volunteers. Also, big thanks to Pinstripes in Edina for being our Event Partner on this go around.


  • SGAD MN: Polar Plunge Team ~ THANK YOU to the 20 folks who made up our 2016 Polar Plunge Team and to all the folks who supported them. We were able to not only WIN the Brewery Division but we brought in over $11,500 for the Special Olympics this year. Great job everyone.


  • SGAD MN: Rochester Parks Clean Up 3.0! On Saturday, April 9 from 11:30am-1:30pm we teamed up with Schott Distributing for our 3rd Annual Rochester Parks Clean Up! 61 volunteers came out to clean up the city of Rochester. We picked up 84 bags of garbage in under two hours, GREAT JOB VOLUNTEERS. Whistle Binkies was once again our Event Partner for this event and Mike Kraszewski from the City of Rochester Public Works/A Litter Bit Better helped organize our work. Thank you to everyone.
  • SGAD MN: Prospect Park Community Garden (PPCG) Build & Revamp ~ On Saturday, April 16 from 9am-Noon we had 54 hard working SGAD volunteers that headed out to PPCG to get the space ready for the summer. They helped deconstruct, move, reconstruct several raised beds, garden structures and anything else that needed shuffling to ready the space for construction and soil remediation. Thank you for all your help and willingness to get’r done. May the gardens get growing soon.


  • SGAD IA: Bur Oak Land Trust Invasive Species Removal Project!  On Saturday, May 7 from 1:00-4:00pm our group of  20 SGAD IA vols helped plant Milkweed and pulled out 34 bags of invasive Garlic Mustard out of the O’Mara-Newport location in Iowa City. Big thanks to the volunteers for all their hard work, to Seth and the property managers at Bur Oak Land Trust for organizing us and to our Event Partner 30hop! for giving us a great place to land when our work was done. GREAT job all!
  • SGAD MN: Greenway Spring Clean Up ~ On Tuesday, May 10 from 6:00-8:00pm we had 55 volunteers come out to bust Buckthorn, Garlic Mustard and Mother’s Wort. We also weeded, pruned and woodchipped the Chowen Garden AND we weeded the stretch of Crab-apple trees. Thanks to Rich Harrison for showing us what to pull out of the ground, to Aaron at Tree Trust for helping organize our scope of work and once again, thank you to Burger Jones in Uptown for being our Event Partner! Great job everyone.
  • SGAD SD: Oh Yeahhhh Sioux Falls, South Dakota BROUGHT IT! On Saturday, May 21 from 8:00-11:00am SGAD SD helped with the city wide Big Sioux River Greenway Clean-up. We had 25 folks out in force Giving A Damn and making Sioux Falls just that much prettier. Big thanks to all our volunteers who worked so hard, to Joe from the Argus Leader who helped organize the event, to Byron from Global Distribution who made sure we knew about the event and got involved and to our Event Partner, Monks, who gave us a great place to land and raise a pint of Surly. Well done.


  • SGAD MN: Hearts & Hammers ~ On Saturday, June 4 from 8am-4:00pm we had 35 volunteers come out for Program Day and WOW, what a day is was! A heartfelt thank you to the 35 volunteers who came out this past Saturday to not only paint the exterior of a home but fix it up and do some major landscaping to boot. Big thanks to Noah Schulman for helping organize the heck out of this event and to Hearts & Hammers – Twin Cities for giving us a great first project to work on and such wonderful home owners to work with. GREAT work everyone.
  • SGAD ND: FARGO ~ On Saturday, June 11 from 9:00-11:00am we helped repack an immense amount of food for the Great Plains Food Bank. In just two hours we repacked 1178 pounds of food. Fargo…you killed it. Thank you so much to Great Plains Food Bank for organizing us, to Johnson Brothers for getting the word out and to Fargo Billiards and Gastropub for being such a great Event Partner. Job well done everyone!
  • SGAD SD: Cornerstone Rescue Mission, Rapid City SD~WOW, what a day. On Saturday, June 18 from 9:00am-2:00pm we set up, served up and cleaned up a FREE BBQ for the hungry and the community of Rapid City. There was food, live entertainment and games all in an effort to draw awareness and support to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and just how much they help our neighbors in need. We had 32 people helping get this event set up, rolling and cleaned up. Our Event Partner for this event was  Independent Ale House. Not only did they host us after the event but they are also gave a portion of that day’s profits to Cornerstone. What a great day. Thank you to EVERYONE who gave a damn!
  • SGAD MN: Resource ~ Saturday, June 25th & 26th from 10-11am we had 50 volunteers come into the beer haul and pack 500 personal care kits for Resource to give out to those who need it most. Thanks to everyone for lending a hand during this busy summer weekend to Give A Damn.
  • SGAD MN: Summer Bloodletting with Memorial Blood Center ~ On  Thursday, June 30th from 11:00am-7:00pm we gladly took a lot of Surly Nation’s blood, in fact, we took 54 units of blood! Thank you to everyone who showed up and saved a life.


  • SGAD MN: Open Arms of MN ~ On Saturday, July 16th from 9:30am-Noon we had  a VOLUNTEER TAKEOVER and worked every aspect of volunteering that Open Arms has. We worked the garden,  we cooked in the kitchen and then we delivered meals. Check out the photos here. GREAT job everyone, you really made a difference in many people’s lives.
  • SGAD MN: Habitat for Humanity ReStore ~ On Tuesday, July 26th from 6:00pm-9:00pm we had 25 volunteers help ReStore get ready to move into their second location (2700 Minnehaha Ave, MPLS). Thank you to everyone who came out and worked so hard. We scraped, we painted, we painted and then we painted some more. The new ReStore store is set to open in September! Also, thanks to The Blue Door Pub for being our Event Partner for this event. Here are the photos of the night.


  • SGAD WI: Hunger Task Force Farm ~ On Saturday, August 20th from 12:45pm-4:00pm we headed out to the Hunger Task Force Farm and “worked it”.  A BIG thank you to all the volunteers who spent their Saturday work’n on 50 gas exchange columns to keep the fish happy, harvesting 1000 apples (that was clearing apples off of 9 entire trees) and picking 400 pounds of tomatoes. Thanks as well to the farm staff for organizing the effort and to The Hideaway Pub and Eatery! Here are some photos from the day. Great job everyone.


  • SGAD MN: Happy 100th Birthday to our National Parks! To celebrate, we decided to gather all our friends and plant some trees. BIG THANK YOU to the 100 SGAD and Dangerous Man Brewing Co volunteers who showed up and dug right in. Together, we planted over 200 trees and shrubs at Riverfront Regional Park in Fridley. AMAZING! Thanks as well to Mississippi Park Connection and Anoka County who organized our crews and Gastrotruck who generously fed all of us when our work was done. HERE are to photos we took if you want to take a look. Great job everyone.
  • SGAD MN: Fall Greenway Cleanup! On Tuesday, September 20 from 5:00pm-7:00pm we had  56 folks com out to kick it on the Greenway. BIG thanks to you all!  That Siberian Elm, Silver Poplar and Burdock had no idea what hit it. The Crab Apple trees have never looked so good and our adopted stretch is ready for winter. Thanks to Tree Trust and Rich Harrison for getting all our work organized and to Burger Jones for being our Event Partner and giving us a great place to land when we were done. Job well done folks!


  • SGAD MN: People Incorporated. What a night! We did it ALL and more. On Tuesday, October 4 from 5:00pm-dusk we were able to build a fence, take up sod, prep and plant rose bushes and hydrangeas, clean out and replant raised beds, split and replant hostas and day lilies, painted a shed and woodchip around the house. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked until the sun went down (it goes fast these days), to the People Incorporated clients who helped out, to all the interpreters and to the staff at People Incorporated who organized all the work and our group. GREAT job everyone. I’ll say it again, what a night!


  • SGAD MN: Nice Ride Ride IN. On Sunday, November 6th we worked with Nice Ride, Car to Go and Metro Transit to bring hundreds of Nice Ride Bikes in for their long winter nap. We started at Surly, headed out (via train or Car to Go) to St. Paul and the U of M Campus and then rode the bikes back in to Surly. We had 125 total volunteers during three different shifts. Most people brought in 2, many brought in 3 and 2 folks brought in 5! What a beautiful day it was to make our way around our magnificent cities via alternate transportation and Giving A Damn. Thank you EVERYONE!
  • SGAD MN: Open Arms Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Event. On Tuesday, November 15th from 1:45pm-4:00pm we had 60 people help deliver Thanksgiving meals. They delivered a frozen turkey and all the fixings ahead of the holiday so that the Open Arms clients could host their loved ones for Thanksgiving. We broke up into pairs or trios to deliver meals to clients in the Twin Cities metro area. GREAT job to all who helped deliver Thanksgiving to those in need.
  • SGAD MN: Free Bikes for Kidz (FB4K) Event. On Monday, November 21st from 6:00pm-9:00pm we had 50 total folks help clean, fix and ready donated bikes to be given to kids in need. We touched hundreds of bikes throughout the night and helped get them a little bit closer to their big Give Away Day. Thank you as well to our Event Partner, FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar at the MOA, what a great place to land and raise a pint to all our hard work. Great job ALL.


  • SGAD MN: Toys for Tots Event. On Tuesday, December 20th from 5:00pm-7:30pm we had 50 folks helping Toys for Tots in their warehouse ready toys for kids in need. In just 2.5 hours our group sorted and organized over 8,000 toys. Thanks to all the volunteers for getting that job done so quickly and to the Marines for organizing our workload. There will be a lot of happy kids this Holiday Season.
  • SGAD MN: Surly & MBC Blood Letting! On Tuesday, December 27th from 11:00am-7:00pm at Surly MSP we were able to get our hands on 81 pints of blood this Holiday Season. With blood in short supply this year, you made a big difference to someone in need. Thank you!

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