• Open Arms of MN/Open Arms Kitchen ~ Thursday, January 8th from 5:00-7:00pm we had 20 SGAD volunteers trudge through high winds and snow to get to and help out at Open Arms Kitchen. We shredded chicken, bagged up fresh salads, packed hot meals and desserts for all their clients. Once we cleaned the kitchen we headed out to our event partner, Acadia, to raise a pint and enjoy some great food. Thanks to everyone for making this a stellar event.
  • The Loppet Foundation ~ On Saturday, January 24th from Noon-5:00pm we had 30 STURDY volunteers help out with our SGAD Loppet Snow Sculpture Prep Team or what we now refer to as Loppet EXTREME!  There was lifting, climbing, building of retaining walls, pounding of holes, erection of lights, shoveling of snow….oh yeah and we helped build and fill the snow sculpture forms. It was a beautiful day, warmer than the year before and we simply got everything done in record time. Well done everyone. Big thanks the Republic-Up Town for being our event partner on this fun event and the Loppet crew for getting it all organized.


  • The Loppet Foundation Surly Beer Garden ~ The weekend of January 30th-February 1st we had 30 SGAD folks to help make sure the Surly Beer Garden run smoothly and helped out by being part of the Surly Snow Sculpture Team. Thank you all for a great weekend!
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore ~ On Tuesday, February 3rd from 5:00-9:00pm we had 25 volunteers out to help with the ReStore store reset. ReStore shut it’s doors for a few days in order to reset and rebuild sections of it to make it better for its clientele. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the store more functional and thank you to Grumpy’s Roseville for being our Event Partner on this one!


  • Memorial Blood Center’s Gift of Life Blood Drive ~ On Sunday, March 1st from 11am-5:00pm we hosted the Gift of Life Blood Drive at the brewery. Folks got to meet the recipients and the families whose lives have been saved by blood donations. While they were there, they could also save someone else’s life and give blood. Thanks to everyone who came out, we had a total of 81 units donated this time around!
  • On Saturday, March 7th the Surly Polar Plunge team took a dip in the ice cold waters of Lake Calhoun to raise money for Special Olympics. Our 2015 team raised over $6,700 for this great cause. Thanks to ALL 23 members of our team for fundraising and to Bryant Lake Bowl for being our Event Partner.
  • The Food Group (formerly known as The Emergency Foodshelf Network-EFN) ~ On Wednesday, March 18th from 6:00-8:00pm we had 50 folks out to The Food Groups, New Hope location, to help pack specialty food boxes, re-package potatoes and bread into a family size portions and put labels on cans. In our short two hours there, we served 9,856 people in need. GREAT JOB Vols! Thanks as well to the New Bohemia in Golden Valley for being our Event Partner.
  • SGAD IA: Corridor Cleanup in Davenport, Iowa ~ WAY TO GO IOWA!! On Saturday, March 21st from 8:30am – 11:00am we had 35 SGAD volunteers “kick it” Surly style in Davenport, Iowa. We had representation from Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota, how great is that? We picked up 151 bags of trash and 23 tires while helping the city  of Davenport with their spring corridor cleanup. This cleanup helps ensure that unwanted garbage doesn’t make it into the local creeks, streams and waterways this spring and summer. Amazing job everyone! BIG THANKS to Sippi’s for being our Iowa SGAD Event Partner.
  • SGAD MN: Prospect Park Community Garden Build Out ~ THE COMMUNITY GARDEN WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! On Saturday, March 28th from 9am-12:30pm 50 SGAD vols went ALL IN and worked overtime to get an amazing amount of work done: 25 raised beds measured/cut/built, mulch everywhere, 3.5 flower beds dug out and re-edged, building/raising the trellis, siding a shed and hauling three pallets of brick. Utterly impressive…GREAT job everyone. Big thanks to Del, Cathy and Rob from PPCG for all their organizing, to our Surly Leads for stepping up and to the Surly staff for hosting us at the new joint in all our dirty duds.


  • SGAD MN: Rochester Parks Clean Up 2.0! On Saturday, April 11 from 11:30am-1:30pm, Surly Gives A Damn teamed up with Schott Distributing for our 2nd Annual Rochester Parks Clean Up! With 55 volunteers we picked up 63 bags of garbage, a counter top, sink and a whole bunch of chain link fence in just two hours. Big thanks to all our volunteers, to Whistle Binkies for partnering with us on this event, to Mike Kraszewski at the City of Rochester Public Works/A Litter Bit Better for helping organize our work and to Mark Braun and everyone from Schott Distributing for helping make this event a success. Great job everyone!
  • SGAD IA: Stash the Trash in Ames, IA! On Saturday, April 18th SGADIA took part in an amazing city wide volunteer effort to clean up Ames for the spring. Even with the rains, we gathered 25 volunteers and picked up trash from 9am-Noon. BIG thanks to the Volunteer Center of Story County for organizing this massive effort and to Dublin Bay Pub for being our Event Partner!
  • SGAD MN: Minneapolis Earth Day Cleanup with our neighborhood friends at PPERRIA! 40 SGAD volunteers headed out to clean the hell out of Minneapolis on Saturday, April 25 from 9:30am-Noon and that they did! There was a immense amount of garbage picked up all along the river. Thanks to Noah Schulman for leading this great group of volunteers and to Stub & Herbs for being our Event Partner. Well done everyone.


  • SGAD MN: Greenway Spring Clean Up ~ On Thursday, May 14th from 6:00-8:00pm we had 65 volunteers who braved the wet, cold weather to come out and bust Buckthorn, Garlic Mustard, Mother’s Wort, weeds, prep and wood chip the Chowen Garden and make steps up to the Greenway on eroded and washed out sections. Simply amazing. Thanks to all the QBP folks who showed up and gave a damn, well done and come and back anytime. Thanks to Rich Harrison and Tree Trust for all their help in coordination of this project. And lastly, to Chiang Mai Thai, for being our Event Partner and having our motley crew in for the night. Really great job everyone!
  • SGAD MN: People Incorporated River Hills House Revamp ~ On Thursday, May 28th from 5:00-8:00pm we had 35 people out to help People Incorporated rework many portions of their River Hills facility. We created a bird sanctuary, a butterfly garden, a pumpkin garden and did an immense amount of landscaping to boot. Thank you to all the volunteers who dug, shoveled and planted to make the outside of this facility beautiful for its residents. Check the photos out here. Thank you as well to our Event Partner, MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE CAFE, for opening their doors to our dirty sweaty brood.


  • Pedal for Pints MN ~ On Sunday, June 7th several hundred riders took off for a beautiful 25 or 50 mile ride through through the city, onto some beautiful rural trails and back to the brewery for a nice cold Surly. Thank you to everyone who came out to participate. Check out some of the photos HERE. Keep riding and enjoy the summer!
  • SGAD WI ~ A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to make our first SGAD WI event a great success. We spent three hours planting and weeding at the Hunger Task Force farm in Franklin, WI on Saturday, June 20th from 12:45pm-4:00pm. Thanks to all the volunteers for working so hard, Farmers Kyle & Sarah for organizing all of us, Beechwood for making sure our beer was there and to the Milwaukee Burger Company – Franklin for sending staff to work and being our Event Partner. You can check the photos out HERE. Let’s do this again real soon!
  • SGAD MN ~ UCare Tri Loppet ~ On Saturday, June 27th we had 25 volunteers help set up, tear down and run the Surly transition area and water stop. What does that really mean you ask? That means, in addition to the above mentioned stuff, our SGAD vols hauled hundreds of boats up a hill to make sure the transition area was clear for racers to race on through. Thank you volunteers, you did a great job! Here are the photos we took if you want to see the fun!
  • SGAD MN ~ Summer Bloodletting with Memorial Blood Center ~ On June 29th from 11:00am-7:00pm at the brewery in MSP we donated a total of 28 pints of blood! If you gave us a pint of blood, we gave you an empty pint glass and a free beer coupon to use at a later date. Thanks to everyone who came out and saved a life!


  • SGADMN ~ Metro Blooms Raingarden Planting ~ On Tuesday, August 11th, 6-8:30pm, 44 SGAD volunteers helped Metro Blooms plant 13 Prospect Park neighborhood raingardens. We started at the brewery, where all the plants were dropped off, we moved them to their locations and got planting.


  • SGAD MN: Greenway Fall Clean Up ~ On Tuesday, October 6th from 5:00-6:30pm we had 54 volunteers come out to bust Buckthorn and clear out a section of the Greenway that needed better visibility to make it safer for its users. We also helped the Chowen garden with some erosion efforts by spreading wood chips and finished off the stairs we started building in the spring. GREAT job everyone. Big thanks to the volunteers for your efforts, to Rich Harrison for organizing us, to Aaron from Tree Trust for the project formation and tool help and to Burger Jones for being our partner for this event once again!


  • SGAD MN: Nice Ride MN Ride IN ~ On Sunday, November 1 from 5:00-8:00pm 140 folks headed out via car2go, bus or train to gather up and bike in almost 300 Nice Ride bikes for the season. Our group deployed form Surly MSP and headed out to St. Paul and various U of M locations. Big thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with this adventure and to car2go and Metro Transit for partnering with us on this event.
  • SGAD MN: Fb4K ~ On Wednesday, November 11 from 6:00-9:00pm we had 50 volunteers fixing, cleaning and readying donated bikes to be giving to kids in need for the upcoming holiday season. We were able to lay our hands on over 220 bikes while we were there. GREAT JOB. BIG thanks to FireLake at Radisson BLU, MOA for being our event partner, what a swanky place to end our night.
  • SGAD MN: Open Arms Frozen Turkey Delivery! Wow, I mean….just wow. Thank you to the 40 volunteers who delivered 145 Thanksgiving meals to Open Arms’s clients. You made it possible for them to host a Thanksgiving meal for themselves and their loved ones. Thank you for giving of your time and yourself. Thanks to Open Arms for all you do in our community and thanks to our very own Beer Hall for hosting us after all our deliveries were complete.


  • SGAD CHICAGO: Yup, you heard me, Chicago!  Chicago, you came out in full force and you KILLED IT.  On Saturday, December 19 from 9am – 11:45am we had 30 volunteers come help out with a repack session at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Our group helped repack 31,704 pounds of food drive donations. That is 503 pounds per volunteer. Great job everyone! Big thanks to Simone’s for being our Chicago Event Partner on our first trip out! Check out the great video Erik Peterson took while at the Depository.
  • SGAD MN: Bloodletting with Memorial Blood Center ~ On December 29th from 11:00am-7:00pm we had a goal of 44 units of blood being donated, we hit that out of the park and were able to get 55. THANK YOU to everyone who have blood and helped save a life this holiday season. We will be scheduling our 2016 blood drives in late June/early July and December. Stayed tuned for exact dates.


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