Posted on December 1st, 2017

This Year, Give the Gift of Gift Cards

Minneapolis Brewery, Other

Now you have a friend in the gift card business.

That’s right, Surly Brewing has gift cards to our Destination Brewery available in both our online and brick & mortar stores. They can be used in the Beer Hall on food and drinks or in the company store for hoodies, glassware, tees, the whole nine. Or both! We don’t judge you. Live your truth.

But wait, there’s more.

Now through December 31st, for every $100 you spend on gift cards, you get a free $25 Surly gift card to do with as you please. To put this in coarser terms: FREE MONEY, Y’ALL. If you’re buying in bulk for the whole fam or for the office (even Tyler, who microwaves salmon and talks about Rick & Morty all the goddamn time), that means $1000 gets you $250, $10000 gets you $2500, etc. etc. The amount of hog frites that can buy is…

…well, it’s a lot of hog frites. We already did more math that we’re comfortable with.

Link for online purchases is right here. (Since a couple people have asked, you do have to use the gift cards at the Destination Brewery. Oh no, you have to go to a brewery and have fun with your free money. I thought this was America?)

Happy holidays from Surly.