Posted on May 9th, 2017

A Warm Welcome Back to Fiery Hell

Beer Hall, Beer Release, Minneapolis Brewery, Minnesota

We get asked a lot about Surly beers that are seasonal, on hiatus, or retired. Some people are genuinely curious; some have questions that could be resolved by looking at a calendar just once, guys, but we don’t judge how you use your time on the internet; and others are just randos doing drain pours of our beers until we bring back Bitter Brewer.

One of the beers we’ve been asked most about is Fiery Hell, so this next passage will be well-received by people who like a little heat in their cold beer: Fiery Hell makes its triumphant return to the Beer Hall today.

Our Hell lager gets its name not from the scorching hellfire and Stygian depths of Satan’s foul, eternal kingdom, but rather from “hell” being German for “bright”. Fiery Hell, as the name suggests, is more literal. We age Hell in honeycombed red oak, which adds a warm, toasted oak note. Puya chiles (dried, not extract) are then added for the heat.

The end result is a pleasantly warming brew–it’s still beer, not the Atomic Death Buffalo Wing Challenge at K.T. McGallagher’s Suds and Cluck. In addition to the oak, you’ll get licorice, wild berry and cherry undertones from the Puya chiles. Chiles can be difficult to integrate into beer, and it’s easy to err on the side of blisteringly hot or barely perceptible. Fiery Hell maintains a noticeable heat while still being drinkable, because our brewers are really fucking good at their jobs.

Fiery Hell is draft-only, and it is pouring at the Beer Hall as you read this. There will be limited availability outside the brewery, but we do mean limited, so if you see it, get it.