Posted on March 6th, 2017

Unbridled IPA Breaks Loose

Beer Hall, Beer Release, Minneapolis Brewery

We love the hop hit of a good IPA. We also love the earthy funk of a beer fermented with Brettanomyces. So why not make a beer that does both? Unexpected pairings can lead to the truly sublime, as anyone who has dipped their french fries in a chocolate shake can attest. In that spirit, we give you our Unbridled IPA.

This unpredictable beer takes a traditional IPA, spikes it with a variety of New Zealand aroma hops (Pacific Gem, Wakatu, Motueka), then ferments the whole thing with Brett.The result is light-bodied and dry, and the Brett/hop combo offers earthy notes accented with lemon, floral, berry, and black pepper notes. Two different kinds of oats were added to give it a smooth mouthfeel and a bit of body.

The finer details:

  • Available on shelves in 750ml bottles, and on draft at select fine establishments.
  • 6.2 % ABV.
  • The Best Red X/CMC 2-row malt bill produces a bright orange pour.
  • The aforementioned oats offsetting the dryness: Flaked and Golden Naked. We know all you oatheads were on the edge of your seats for that one, sorry for making you wait.

The beer is called Unbridled because that’s what it is. Future iterations of it will continue experimenting with different hop, malt, and Brett types as we explore this strange, free-roaming style.

It’s fresh. It’s funky. It’s Unbridled.