Posted on July 21st, 2017

The Ultimate History of Surly


Around Surly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are as immersed in the world of ultimate frisbee, or ultimate, as we are in beer. That’s no accident.

Omar was an avid ultimate player back in the day, and had the misfortune of blowing out his knee during a game. During recuperation, he began seriously considering starting his own brewery. Ultimate is in Surly’s DNA (as is ACL surgery, we guess, but that’s not the point here).

Since the brewery began, our commitment to the sport has been constant, via employees and friends of Surly playing and our sponsorship of teams and events. Surly Ultimate has even been called “the Yankees of Ultimate Frisbee” by WCCO. Which would be flattering, except we’re in Minnesota, and any mention of the Yankees bring up very hurtful memories of what they’ve done to our professional baseball team. So let’s just say they’re really good. Our men’s and women’s teams are participating in USA Ultimate’s Masters Nationals this weekend, and you can follow them on Twitter at @SurlyUltimate for updates.

As ultimate has grown in popularity, it’s advanced from weekend tournaments to a professional league. We’re the title sponsor of the Minnesota Wind Chill, our local representative in the American Ultimate Disc League. They play their home games at the National Sports Center in Blaine and Concordia’s Sea Foam Stadium in St. Paul. If you want a taste of what they’re all about, check out this unbelievable catch from SportsCenter earlier this season:

We’d like to say he dove into the Surly tent on purpose, but it was probably just a coincidence. Or was it? (It was.)

If you’d like to experience wind chill when it’s 95 degrees outside, Saturday will be a great day to do so. To kick things off, Wind Chill players will be at our MN United Prematch Party on Saturday with a whole lot of swag for ultimate enthusiasts and novices. They’re offering a $20 twofer ticket deal that gets you into MN United’s match versus the New York Red Bulls at 3 PM on Saturday afternoon, where the Wind Chill will be playing an exhibition during halftime, as well as the Wind Chill’s tilt against the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds at Sea Foam Stadium at 7 PM later that night. It’s the Wind Chill’s final regular season game before the AUDL playoffs, so any extra noise you can provide will be helpful.

Bonus fun: All ticketholders at the Wind Chill/Thunderbirds match will receive a voucher that’ll earn you a post-game beer at the destination brewery.