Posted on September 25th, 2017

It's Time to Embrace the Darkness

Beer Release

Darkness Day is one of our favorite days of the year. Originating from when Omar showed up the brewery one Saturday morning to find diehard Surly fans waiting in the October cold, wondering if the Darkness was ready, it’s now a day-long celebration of our massive Russian imperial stout. It takes place where it all began: our original brewery in Brooklyn Center.

But it’s only one day. And it’s difficult for some of our more far-flung fans to get to the northwest suburbs on a random fall Saturday. There are leaves to rake, tailgates to attend, and Halloween stores in abandoned Circuit Citys to visit. What if you could Embrace the Darkness throughout the fall, no matter where you live?

In case you thought that capitalization was an accident, that’s what Embrace the Darkness is all about.

We’re sending some of our darkest beers to select Surly markets in waves, culminating with the release of 2017 Darkness. The lineup:

  • Darkness 2016. We reserved some of last year’s stock and released it into the wild as a pleasant little surprise for everyone. We basically cellared it for you. IN STORES NOW. GOOD LUCK. (Select markets.)
  • Furious Black. Surly wears the black hat. Originally a Darkness Day-only offering, this dark version of our flagship beer is getting bottled for the first time. Roasted barley is added late in the lautering process, adding subtle roasted notes and intense black color, while maintaining the trademark citrus, resinous, Furious profile. A 25.4-oz. heel turn. (In stores the week of Sept. 25. Most Surly markets.)
  • Damien. The son of Darkness. Literally. Brewed from the remnants of our Darkness wort, this “small” beer shares the roast-y, brown sugar notes of its parent at a lower ABV. Glacier dry-hop additions impart tangerine and pine aromatics. Small in name only. Gregory Peck could not be reached for comment. (In stores the week of Oct. 9. Most Surly markets.)
  • Darkness 2017. The main event. Premieres on Darkness Day, Saturday, October 21st. The waves of chocolate, coffee, raisin, toffee, and cherry in our critically-acclaimed Russian imperial stout will then roll into stores the following week. Look for the unforgettable bottle design from our 2017 Featured Artist, Adam Sward, as the fearsome and strange Baba Yaga casts her spell upon you. (In stores the week of Oct. 23. Most Surly markets.)

With this, we hope we’ve given you all you need to keep Darkness in your heart all season long.