Welcome to Minnesota, Homebrew Con attendee! Surly Brewing would like to help you get acclimated to your perhaps unfamiliar surroundings and make the most out of your stay in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Here’s what you can expect:

  • You WILL NOT see snow. It’s June. The forecast says it’s going to be hot and muggy, and a mosquito the size of a sensible family sedan may attempt to bite you. You get used to it.
  • You WILL engage in a conversation about the weather with a native Minnesotan. We literally cannot help it. It’s a compulsion. The humidity is good for the crops, but it might kick up a storm if it stays like this. See? We’re already doing it.
  • You WILL find terrific beer. We’re part of an incredible and ever-expanding community of local craft brewers.
  • You WILL find people who have very strong opinions about the Juicy Lucy. It’s basically a reverse cheeseburger (beef on outside, cheese on inside) that has a creation myth still being fought over to this day. Friendships have ended over the Matt’s Bar/5-8 Club dispute. We recommend the Surly Burger at our Destination Brewery so as not to trouble the waters.
  • You WILL NOT believe how nice Target Field is. The Twins are in town if you want to catch a baseball game. Plenty of breweries and restaurants in the area, and Prince’s gold star (RIP) is on the wall of nearby First Avenue if you want to pay your respects.
  • You WILL experience first-class passive aggression. If someone says your homebrew is “interesting,” they are not a fan. If someone says, “I’m not mad,” they are, in fact, mad. If you get to a 4-way stop at roughly the same time as another driver(s), your best bet is to just abandon the car, get out, and walk to your destination, as who gets to go first will never be resolved by conventional means.
  • You WILL find parks, lakes, bike trails, and museums that are pretty goddamn great. We don’t brag often, but when we do, we mean it.
  • You WILL NOT find the “Fargo” accent unless you get outside of the metro area. Once you get to the suburbs, you’ll hear traces. Once you get outstate, it’s like being in a movie.
  • You WILL find a meat raffle if you find that accent. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Thank you again for coming to town. If you want to check us out, we’re at 520 Malcolm Avenue in Minneapolis, we’re open from 11 to 11, the taps are pouring, the kitchen is open, and we’d be happy to have you.