Posted on May 1st, 2017

Surly Is Making #MERICA Again. Great!

Beer Release, Minneapolis Brewery

#MERICA, Surly’s Pre-Prohibition American Lager, is back. What’s different this summer? Not the beer, as it’s still defined by flaked corn and soft hop aromatics from Warrior and Willamette hops. Rather, like the fizzy yellow beers before it, brews that have helped Americans mow countless lawns and grill countless burgers, you can now get #MERICA in 12-packs, in 12-oz. cans.


(Fret not, tallboy enthusiasts: We still have the 4-packs of 16-oz. cans.)

Mowing and grilling aren’t the only things getting an upgrade. The following experiences are going to be vastly improved by this development:

    • Ignoring the metric system.
    • Watching your neighbor injure himself with fireworks.
    • Setting up a Slip ‘n Slide.
    • Watching your neighbor injure himself on the Slip ‘n Slide.
    • Listening to Tom Petty.
    • Changing the oil of an American-made vehicle.
    • Cabin ownership.
    • Mooching off the friends who own a cabin.
    • Observing the height of various crops.
    • Listening to Dillinger Four.
    • Lawn sports. Even croquet.
    • Cursing at mosquitoes.
    • Vowing revenge on the rodent that is destroying your garden.
    • Watching the Dusty Rhodes “hard times” speech.
    • Emptying the disgusting water in your child’s swimming pool.
    • Taco Tuesday.
    • State parks (REMEMBER: Pack it in, pack it out).
    • Listening to “Dennehy.”
    • Yelling at the baseball team of your choosing about their pitching depth.
    • Applying sunscreen.
    • Forgetting to apply sunscreen.
    • Applying a soothing balm or salve after forgetting to apply sunscreen.

#MERICA 4-packs will be on shelves everywhere Surly distributes the week of May 1st. Twelvers will roll out in Minnesota the week of May 22nd in advance of Memorial Day weekend and the week of June 5th everywhere else. You can find it on tap at our Destination Brewery starting May 10th.