Posted on March 1st, 2017

Surly Featured Artist Q & A: Brent Schoonover (2012)

In case you missed it, Surly put out our annual call for the Surly Featured Artist, who will design our label art for Surlyfest 2017, Darkness 2017, and our 12th Anniversary beer in 2018.

As we head up to the March 10th deadline for entry, we’re going to talk to some of our previous artists about the experience, what they’re up to now, and where you can nab some of their work.

This week’s artist is our 2012 winner, Brent Schoonover.

Name: Brent Schoonover

Favorite Surly Beer: Blakkr, and also a rare release called Diminished SeVIIn.

Can you describe the experience of being the Surly featured artist? It was an amazing experience. I had been a big fan of the brewery for a while. And the timing was great as the plans for the new destination brewery were being announced at the SeVIIn release party. To have a small part in that announcement was really cool.

I always get a kick when I am out at a ballgame, grocery store, or even a beer-related event and see someone sporting a shirt from Surlyfest, Darkness, or SeVIIn.


Surly fans are a lot like comic book fans: They know their beers really well and they want to support and promote it. It’s an honor to play a part helping them do that. Probably the coolest thing that happened was meeting then-mayor R.T. Rybak at the SeVIIn release. He took off his button-up shirt right in front of everyone and put on a shirt with my design. Neat moment.

What are you working on now/what projects have you worked on since? I’ve been working with Marvel Comics the last few years on some super fun projects. I did a book called Howling Commandos that was like a squad of monsters put together by the government to help fight alongside the Avengers. Also got to work on Ant-Man and The Punisher.

If people want to look at your other work and/or buy some damn cool art, where should they go to find it? My website I post a lot of my work and projects up there as well as have a shop for people to pick stuff up.

2012 Darkness