Posted on February 16th, 2017

Surly Featured Artist Q & A: Adam Martin (2016)

Minnesota, Other

In case you missed it, Surly put out our annual call for the Surly Featured Artist, to design our label art for Surlyfest 2016, Darkness 2016, and our 11th Anniversary beer in 2017.

As we head up to the March 10th deadline for entry, we’re going to talk to some of our previous artists about the experience, what they’re up to now, and where you can nab some of their work.

This week’s artist is our 2016 winner, Adam Martin.

Name: Adam Martin

Whereabouts: A basement studio in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Favorite Surly Beer: Darkness; with Furious and Pentagram tied for a not-too-distant second place.

Can you describe the experience of being the Surly featured artist? The whole experience has been great. In making the art for SurlyFest, Darkness, and now the Anniversary Beer, the folks at Surly have given me a large amount of creative freedom, which I really appreciate. Seeing the Cerberus art on Darkness bottles and posters has been exciting as well, and getting to chat with other Surly fans on Darkness Day was a lot of fun.

What are you working on now/what projects have you worked on since? My primary focus is working with my wife to keep our 10-month-old son, dog, and two cats alive and fed. Outside of that, I continue to work on my woodcut prints and the occasional illustration project. There are a few things in the works with the good folks at Rhymesayers that will drop sometime this year, but I can disclose no more than that.

If people want to look at your other work and/or buy some damn cool art, where should they go to find it? Prints, including a charming Krampus poster, can be purchased from my Etsy shop, as well as the store page of my personal site,

For folks interested in seeing how the sausage is made, my blog detailing successes and failures in art creation can be found here.

I am also on Instagram at blueapple612.

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