Posted on September 18th, 2017

Surly Celebrates National Brett Day

Beer Hall, Events, Minneapolis Brewery

Nobody loves Brettanomyces like Surly loves Brettanomyces, so when we found out today was National Brett Day, we were thrilled. Although we celebrate brett every day at Surly, we wanted to recognize this special day for our favorite yeast.

Our brewery and kitchen teams have dedicated our taps and menus to brett-focused items in the Beer Hall today. Stop on in and enjoy an astonishing variety of food and drink spiked with Brettanomyces, including:

  • Brett Poppers
  • Brett Cracklins’
  • Barrel-Aged Brettness
  • Brett Wonder Fountain
  • Responsibly-Raised Freshwater Brett Filets
  • Bretteast IPA
  • Pork Brettskit
  • Beef Brettskit
  • Free-Range Brett Chicken Tendies
  • Firkins of Brett-Aged Brett Fermented on Brett
  • A variety of meats and cheeses slathered in our house-made, small-batch Brett Sauce

“We love brett and want to marry it,” says Surly Head Brewer Jerrod Johnson. “But apparently you can’t marry a yeast strain. I thought this was America. I guess I was wrong.”

In addition to the Beer Hall, we’ll be participating in activities throughout the community with Surly Gives a Brett, our charitable arm focused entirely on raising brett awareness. Events include:

  • Brettanomyces 5K/Fun Run
  • Brett ‘n Bikes Trail Ride
  • Mississippi Headwaters Cleanup (with Brett)
  • Let’s Throw Some Brett in a Lake Just to See What Happens
  • Can You Build a House with Brett? Let’s Find Out Together Without the Cops.

All these events culminate in tonight’s Lighting of the Brett in our Beer Garden. At sundown, we invite everyone on social media and various internet forums who has celebrated Surly’s use of brett to gather with us by the Brett Pit as we consecrate the spent Brettanomyces with a cleansing fire and somber ceremony. We’ll also do some fireworks and shit.

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(If you haven’t figured out that we’re messing with you yet, we’re totally messing with you. There is no such thing as National Brett Day. For now.)