Posted on September 28th, 2017

Oh Great, More Craft Beer in Colorado


Colorado is a true craft beer mecca, a national leader in the art of independent craft brewing. Surly is very pleased to be joining the party.

We’re partnering with Elite Brands to help Colorado #GetSurly beginning the week of October 1st. This coincides with the 35th Annual Great American Beer Festival, where Surly’s Barrel-Aged Darkness brought home a Gold Medal in 2016.

“We’re thrilled to be coming here,” said Surly owner Omar Ansari. “Colorado sets a high standard for craft beer. We welcome the challenge.”

“We’re excited to see this long-standing partnership with Surly turn into year-round distribution,” said Terry Cekola, owner and president, Elite Brands. “We’ve been teasing Colorado with limited amounts of Surly during GABF week the last four years, which is always met with enthusiasm from Colorado craft beer consumers. GABF Week will be a fitting way kick off to one of the Midwest’s most acclaimed breweries!”

There will be local launch parties all week as part of GABF, touching down at Crafty Fox, Old Chicago, Freshcraft, Goed Zuur, and Bogey’s Beer & Wine.

Once GABF has come and gone, Old Chicago will be pouring Hell during their Halloween Mini Tour starting Oct. 11 at 25 locations across the state. Full distribution will begin the week of Oct. 30. Surly will be rolling out three (UPDATE: five!) of its flagship beers at retail to start—Furious, Hell, and Xtra-Citra (UPDATE: plus Coffee Bender and Todd The Axe Man!).

If you’re unfamiliar with Surly, here are some things you should know about us:

  • Surly’s name was born out of anger at the inability to find good beer in Minnesota. We had to brew our own. We did. It’s working out alright.
  • We don’t brew to style, and we don’t apologize for it. If we always brewed to style, beers like our beloved Furious IPA wouldn’t exist.
  • As noted, we hail from Minnesota. The connection between harsh winters and a thriving craft beer scene is not lost on us.
  • Speaking of which, Surly led the fight to change a Prohibition-era law that prevented Minnesota breweries from selling their beer onsite. The so-called Surly Bill led to a craft beer renaissance in our state. Colorado set a terrific example for us about what craft breweries can do for their communities. We help the community through Surly Gives a Damn, our public-spirited side.
  • We’re proud to display the Independent Craft Brewer Seal. Surly began in a converted abrasives factory, not a corporate focus group.
  • Our beers pair well with all kinds of edibles, be it food or…well, you know.

Our winters are really goddamn cold, too. Let’s be friends.