Posted on February 15th, 2017

Now On Tap: Dodgy Geezer

Beer Hall, Beer Release, Minneapolis Brewery

You may not know this, but British soccer fans like beer. A lot. They’ll go to the pub, grab a pint (or several), and root for their favorite side. There’s chanting and singing and questionable dentistry and impenetrable Mancunian accents. Everyone looks and sounds like a Gallagher brother. Honestly, it’s pretty cool.

In that spirit, Surly is introducing Dodgy Geezer in the Beer Hall today. It’s our nitro-fueled take on a classic British brown ale.

ABOUT THE NAME: A dodgy geezer is someone you might run into in east London. You’d do well to avoid him. If you’ve seen five minutes of any Guy Ritchie film, it’s one of those guys.

ABOUT THE BEER: A Dodgy Geezer is a beer you might run into at our destination brewery. You’d do well to drink it. To wit:

  • Malts are the show here, with a rich, bready character and milk chocolate notes.
  • It has a substantial body, but the 3.8% ABV makes this a very sessionable beer.
  • The nitrogenation gives it a creamy, soft mouthfeel on the finish. It also gives the pour a cascading appearance, which is just really neat.
  • Surly historians: If you were a fan of Mild, this is a nitro twist on that recipe.

Dodgy Geezer is on tap right now. Grab a pint today. Chanting optional.
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