Posted on March 29th, 2018

NOW OPEN: Surly Pizza Upstairs

Minneapolis Brewery, Surly Pizza Upstairs

Welcome to Surly Pizza Upstairs. It’s on the second floor. Beer. Pizza. Any questions?

Here’s all the other important stuff:

Hours of operation:

  • Monday-Thursday: 4-10pm
  • Friday: 4-11pm
  • Saturday: Noon-11pm
  • Sunday: Noon-10pm

We’re open nights and weekends because that’s when we’re at our busiest. We want people upstairs enjoying pizza and a beer rather than waiting in line.

Two other things:

1. The pies got their names from movies (and one TV show) with memorable pizza scenes.

2. It’s called Surly Pizza Upstairs because it’s on the second floor. You probably figured that out already.