Posted on June 6th, 2017

Meet Jake Balch, 2017 Coaster Contest Winner

Minnesota, Other

Our 2017 Coaster Contest has a winner, and his name is Jake Balch. This is him with a trunk full of beer:


We are as surprised as you are that his name isn’t Adam.

Here is Jake’s winning design, which will start popping up underneath area pint glasses, bottles, and cans in the near future:


From Jake: “I’m a Minnesota-raised, cold-loving, Vikings-obsessed artist who just happens to love craft beer as well. I’ve been following Surly for years—my favorite beer is Todd the Axe Man. I love how Surly not only respects and nurtures art, but wants to be in the community and bring art to the masses. It’s very inspiring to me as an artist.” Thank you again to everyone who submitted and to the voters, both online and at the 331 Club. Except for the guy who just drew a picture of a penis on his ballot instead of voting. That’s just unhelpful.