Posted on January 25th, 2017

We're Looking For Our Next Featured Surly Artist

Minnesota, Other

Can you draw a turtle, pirate or beer-drinking mythological monster? Wanna stick it to everyone who said your art was a waste of time? We’re looking for this year’s Surly Featured Artist. We’re continuing our annual tradition of picking one artist to create label art for SurlyFest 2017, Darkness 2017 and our 12th anniversary beer in 2018. The art will be featured on bottles, posters, shirts, etc. and probably your parents’ annual Christmas card.

We’re looking for unique work that integrates your own creative style with the Surly brand, like the art created by our previous artists: Brandon HoltErica Williams, Josh “Jawsh” Lemke, Brent Schoonover, Michael Berglund, Aesthetic Apparatus, DWITT, Nic Skrade, Adam Martin and Adam Turman.

To be clear, this isn’t a pat-on-the-back and free beer sort-of-a-job. This is a full-fledged paid gig. So, with that, we’re expecting the chosen artist to work through concepts and designs with the crew at Surly and deliver on a specific timeline. The art can be in any format – we’ll take care of the production details.

If you’re interested, enjoy Surly beer, and don’t suck at art, send some info about yourself, your connection with Surly, and examples of your previous work (links to your portfolio, etc.) to [email protected] by Friday, March 10 at midnight. No latesies. We’ll check out your stuff, judge you with previous Surly artists, and either let you know you’re a finalist, or crush your hopes with rejection. If you’ve already sent artwork last year, you’re invited to send it again.

Call for Artist