Posted on March 24th, 2017

It's Been 18 Months...

Beer Release

We age Pentagram, our Brett dark sour ale, in red wine barrels for 18 long, sour months. As it happens, those 18 months are up, and you can now enjoy the 2017 version.

Pentagram initially offers up flavors of sour cherry, tobacco, oak and that barnyard funk hit of Brett, with Dark Munich malt for backbone. Then it goes to the barrels, where, well, anything can happen.

As Head Brewer Jerrod Johnson noted last year, “Barrel-aging beer is a leap of faith. Every barrel is different, so we have to trust the aging process and hope for the best result.”

“Some of the joy of barrel-aging beer comes from the lack of control a brewer has over the process – you’re just going with it – so it’s one of the more interesting and surprising things we do. But the pay off is worth the risk. The barrel tasting days at the brewery when we finally crack them open after a year and a half are fantastic.”

750ml bottles will be in all our markets starting the week of April 10th. Crack it open straightaway or age it at cellar temperature for a couple years. It’s already been sitting for 18 months, it can handle it.