Posted on July 10th, 2017

Inherent Weiss: A Left-of-the-Dial, Hopped-Up Hefe

Beer Release

Back in the spring, we told you how Surly was taking a single yeast strain (Hefeweizen Ale Yeast) and doing some things with it beyond a bunch of traditional banana-and-clove Hefes.

The first two beers, Dampfbier and Yoyodyne, were delicious, draft-only creatures. The third, however, is heading to market in 750ml bottles as well as kegs. It’s called Inherent Weiss. It’s…not like other beers. Questions arise. Like, what in the fuck is going on here, basically.

Here you go: The name, like Yoyodyne, is a nod to author, recluse, and American genius Thomas Pynchon. The beer? It’s an Imperial Hefeweizen, brewed to twice the normal strength and extensively dry-hopped. Some would say this hefty citrus bomb is eccentric. We would say it’s hopped out of its fuckin’ mind, nothing personal. That said, for clocking in at 9.0% ABV, it’s a remarkably smooth-drinking enterprise.

“I love hoppy hefeweizens,” says Head Brewer Ben Smith. “We wanted to push the envelope on the style with a huge classic American dry hop character worthy of a double IPA in a strong hefeweizen for the summer.”

You will get the clove and banana notes from the yeast, but the Chinook and Centennial dry-hopping provides more dank hop aroma than should be physically possible, as if the contrast knob of Creation has been messed with just enough to give everything an underglow, a luminous edge, and promise that the night was about to turn epic somehow.

Inherent Weiss bombers hit shelves this week wherever Surly is sold. The label art will change your world for the better. You can also find it on draft in our Beer Hall and select locations. Will it be enough to fight the ancient forces of fear? As Doc Sportello would say, “Gee, I dunno…”