Posted on July 20th, 2017

Gose Blanche Goes On Draft

Beer Release, Minneapolis Brewery

A group of Surly employees traveled to Brussels earlier this year for a food/beer fact-finding mission. Soak up the tradition, see how they do things in Belgium, and hopefully come back with something to share stateside.

Gose Blanche is the first fruit of that labor.

“We went to this bar called Mort Subite*,” says Head Brewer Ben Smith. “They had this peach lambic blended with a wit that just blew us away, and we wanted to do something in that vein.

“The only problem is, it takes years to brew a lambic. But we could do a gose in a relatively short amount of time.”

Hence, Gose Blanche.

While it is inspired by Belgium, Gose Blanche is decidedly not a standard Belgian beer. “It’s a kettle sour. A kettle sour is not traditional,” adds Smith.

The soured wort is fermented on Belgian wit yeast and peach puree. The peach notes are subtle, as is the wit, while unmalted wheat accentuates the funky tartness and helps with head retention uncommon to a gose.

Gose Blanche is available now in the Beer Hall, and, per Ben, will be “perfect for a humid summer day.”


  • “Brussels is beautiful. These tiny streets empty onto open plazas, the architecture is phenomenal, and you’re surrounded by history and other cultures.”
  • “Go to the dive-iest, shittiest bar, and the presentation of the beer is still very formal. They’ll open the bottle, pour the beer in the glass, then turn the pint towards you so you can see the logo.”
  • “Everything there is less rushed, more communal. Things are done at a more relaxed pace. You don’t get coffee to go, you sit there and drink it.”
  • Food recommendations: “Frites, waffles, mussels, escargot.”

*This translates to “Sudden Death” if you thought the Belgians weren’t metal as hell.