Posted on July 31st, 2017

Get Furious. (In 12-Packs.)

The latest in our groundbreaking* release of Surly beers in 12-packs of 12-oz. cans is Furious, our flagship beer. Let’s cut to the crowd reaction before proceeding.


We started our 12-pack rollout with the more “summer”-y beers in our catalog (Xtra-Citra, Hell, #MERICA!), and now, with fall looming, it’s time to get Furious. The not-brewed-anywhere-near-to-style IPA that built Surly and sparked the Minnesota craft beer boom is taking its hop bite, crimson hue, and caramel malt backbone to the masses in the popular 12-oz. can format. You can find it wherever Surly is sold starting the week of July 31st.

“When we started canning 12-packs, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive,” says Surly owner Omar Ansari. “And it was usually followed by, ‘Where’s Furious?’ Well, here it is.”

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the traditional Furious 4-packs and the new 12-packs, please consult this helpful list:

  • The 4-packs have four beers. The 12-packs have 12 beers. This is a difference of eight beers.
  • The 4-packs have 16-oz. cans. The 12-packs have 12-oz. cans. This is a difference of four ounces per can.
  • The beer is exactly the same. Which is to say, it’s fucking legendary.


*OK, groundbreaking for us. Many other breweries do this. Like, almost all of them.