Posted on May 25th, 2017

Darkness Bottle Art Preview, Date Announcement

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Our 2017 Featured Artist, Adam Sward, has finished this year’s Darkness design. He has proven himself very worthy of the title.

“It’s been great getting to know and work with Adam, and he poured himself into this work,” says Surly Creative Director Michael Berglund. “It’s a great piece to kick off his year as Surly’s featured artist. He’s a true professional and he brought his A-game to the Darkness art.”

Here it is in all its hideous glory, featuring Baba Yaga and her chicken leg-house:


“Russian Imperial Stout is a style shrouded in mystery. The official story, or what passes for one, is that a London brewery created it for export to the Baltic region. But that same area is home to the legend of Baba Yaga, a fearsome, forest-dwelling witch with a hooked nose and iron teeth, capable of casting a spell that makes this beer irresistible to all who taste it. Which is true? Print the legend, we say.

“In Russian folklore, Baba Yaga can be villain or comfort. Featured artist Adam Sward has created an ambiguous depiction of her and her cauldron of Darkness. Crack into our acclaimed brew and decide what her true intentions are as you experience notes of chocolate, coffee, dried tart cherry, and raisin. Darkness finishes sweet, with a piney, resinous hop character, and is complex, mysterious, and legendary as Baba Yaga herself.”

SAVE THE DATE: You can get your grubby little paws on a bottle at Darkness Day, which will be…Saturday, October 21, at our Brooklyn Center location.