Posted on November 1st, 2016

Burgers Pair Better With Bender

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Pair your Bender with a Burger at the Destination Brewery

Throughout the month of November, the Destination Brewery Beer Hall will feature four unique burgers paired with Bender Brown Ale as part a five-state, ‘Burger & Bender’ pairing campaign.

No scary clowns or crowns – just high-quality, handcrafted burgers and Surly brews.

  • Week 1 – Tuesday, November 1-6
    • Surly Brisket Burger: bacon, cheddar, brisket with sweet and smoky BBQ sauce
    • The smokiness of the brisket and the bacon would overwhelm a different beer. However the oats used in the production of Bender gives it the body and depth of flavor that won’t get lost in all of the BBQ flavor.
  • Week 2 – Monday, November 7-13
    • Surly Fungi Burger: smoked wild mushroom, spicy bourbon glaze and mahon
    • Dark crystal malt gives Bender a residual sweetness, which accentuates the creaminess of the cheese.
  • Week 3 – Monday, November 14-20
    • Surly Hawaiian Burger: spam, provolone, pineapple and kewpie mayo.
    • This burger has a contrasting sour/salty flavor profile. The subtle sweetness found in Bender is helps balance those flavors.
  • Week 4 – Monday, November 21-30
    • Surly Korean Burger: kimchee, bulgogi sauce, bean sprouts, and mayo.
    • Bender’s malt backbone can stand up to foods with strong and intense flavors. The fermented cabbage and chiles in the kimchee balance nicely with the sweetness and smooth body of the beer.

The Bender Road Show 

The campaign continues across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota all month, as well. For the entire month of November, Surly is partnering with a bunch of your favorite burger joints to serve up their own burgers paired with our Bender Brown Ale.

Bender begins lightly hoppy  and finishes crisp with a sturdy malt backbone. American hops complement the velvety sleekness of the oats. Belgian and British malts usher in cascades of cocoa, bitter-coffee, caramel, and hints of vanilla and cream.

Check out the list below for the Burger/Bender pairing in your neighborhood.


7 West Taphouse
7 West Taphouse
[St. Cloud]
JL Beers
JL Beers
[NE Mpls.]
JL Beers
[St. Cloud]
JL Beers


7 West Taphouse


[Council Bluffs]
Central Standard


Bulldog Tap
JL Beers
[1st Ave. in Fargo]
JL Beers
[32nd Ave. in Fargo]
JL Beers
[West Fargo]
JL Beers
[Watford City]
JL Beers
JL Beers
JL Beers
[Grand Forks]
Williston Brewing Co.[Williston]


JL Beers
[Phillips Ave. in Sioux Falls]
JL Beers
[Western Ave. in Sioux Falls]