Posted on May 20th, 2016

Blutpakt is here...

Minnesota, Release Parties

Blutpakt, our newest beer brewed in collaboration with our brethren at Dangerous Man will launch today, Saturday May 21 at Art-a-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis.


The collaboration idea was a mind meld between Surly’s lead brewer Jerrod Johnson and Dangerous Man’s lead brewer John Leingang. After stumbling across some German Porter recipes that are less-roast driven than their English Porter counterparts, the plan evolved for each brewery to make its own version of the same German Porter.

Both recipes are nearly identical—same hops, same grain bill and both fermented on white ash honeycomb boards from Black Swan Cooperage—but Dangerous Man’s recipe includes fermentation with a straight ale yeast, while Surly’s is mixed with Brettanomyces.

Surly’s version of Blutpakt will be tapped at NOON today at 331 Club, right as Patty and The Buttons hit the stage. At the very same time, just a few blocks down the road, Dangerous Man will be tapping their version in their Art-A-Whirl Beer Garden.

Craft beer is a brotherhood of good friends, great food, awesome beer, music and art, so grab your tribe and get to Northeast Minneapolis for Art-A-Whirl this weekend. See you there, #SurlyNation and #GetDangerous.