Posted on January 2nd, 2018

Beer Hall Now Offering (More) Lunch

Beer Hall, Minneapolis Brewery

2017 was, in the words of your mother (born in Hinckley, lives in Apple Valley now, drives a sensible sedan), “interesting.” 2018 has to be better, right?

Right. At minimum, we’re going to do our part in the Beer Hall. Not only are we debuting our upstairs pizza restaurant this spring (formal date announcement coming soon), but we’re also rolling out a shiny new lunch menu for the new year. These will be available every weekday from 11 am – 3 pm, and were crafted with lighter appetites and quick service in mind. The items:

  • Celery Root Soup – apple, walnut, grilled bread – $7
  • Farro Salad (Lunch Edition) – smoked salmon, avocado, pepitas, soft boiled egg, lime vinaigrette – $11
  • Smoked Turkey Sandwich – L.T.O., aioli, honey oat bread, chips – $11
  • Lamb Barbacoa Tacos – carrot relish, lime crema – $13
  • Pastrami Sandwich – house-cured pastrami, spicy mustard, aioli, caraway rye bread, chips – $15


  • Is the rest of the menu still available? Yes. You want a steak? You can get a steak.
  • Does Surly still have ample free parking and/or is it easily accessed by bike/public transit, so we can get in and get out? Yes.
  • Why only 11-3? Because that’s when lunch is.
  • Why only Monday-Friday? Because that’s when people are in the office and stay-at-home parents want to get out of the goddamn house.

But wait. There’s more. Since it’s January and the weather often encourages The Sad Desk Lunch, we’ll buy you a beer when you stop in and order one of the new menu items. If you can’t have one because you’re working/parenting/society is forever judging you, we’ll give you a voucher that you can use on your next visit.

In addition, if you’re taking the whole office out to lunch or have an otherwise larger-than-average group, we will accept advance reservations during the 11-3 lunch window. Call 763-999-4040 to do so.

The new menu is available now. See you here.