Minneapolis, MN December 28th, 2017

SGAD MN - Holiday Blood Letting!

Minnesota Events, Surly Gives A Damn

What: Memorial Blood Centers Blood Drive!

When: Thursday, December 28th from 11:00am-6:00pm

Where: Surly Destination Brewery

How: You can no longer reserve your spot online, but stop by the brewery to make a blood donation!

We’re looking for 112 people to donate blood at the Surly destination brewery. Giving blood is always important, but donations are especially crucial over the holidays. So escape your relatives or bring them with to Surly to get poked with needles. Either way, you’ll get a free beer voucher (for consumption at a later time) for your trouble. Here’s what else you’ll get:
– A Surly pint glass
– A chance to win a $25 Surly gift card
– A free Memorial Blood Centers tee
– A chance to win Vikings, Wild, Gophers or Bulldog tickets