Minneapolis, MN July 20th, 2017

Official #BikeNightMIA Pre-Ride & Afterparty

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Bikes! Beer! Art!

WHAT: Hey there, riders! Joyful Riders Club, 30 Days of Biking, Freewheel BikeSurly Brewing Company and Minneapolis Institute of Art are teaming up to host the OFFICIAL pre-ride to #BikeNightMia, an annual evening of bike-centric fun, plus beers and art!

This’ll be a slow-paced ride where all biking skill levels are welcome and many high-fives will occur. We recommend wearing a helmet, carrying a spare tube for your bike (just in case!) and bringing lights for biking in the dark.

Don’t forget a bottle of water, too. Last year’s ride was HOT!

Mario Macaruso and Patrick Stephenson, founders of the Joyful Riders Club, an off-shoot of #30daysofbiking.

On the second Thursday of every month, they organize a friendly, welcoming bike ride that meets at Surly’s Destination Brewery. Good stuff!

WHEN: Thursday, July 20th, 4:30PM – 10:00PM

WHERE: Surly Brewing Company, 520 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

4:30 PM – Meet at Surly Brewing Company
5:30 PM – Roll out toward #BikeNightMia
6:30 PM – Arrive at #BikeNightMia
8:30 PM – Meet outside the museum + depart for the after-party at Surly

Please bring: Bike, Helmet, Lights, ID


  • All the glorious selections of the beer hall!