Where Strides The Bromeliad

Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale with Pineapple

Where Strides The Bromeliad is a collaboration brew with Champion Brewery from Charlottesville, Virginia. We brewed the beer for a Mastodon concert at the May 2016 Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia.

We used massive amounts of fresh, locally pureed pineapple in both the brewhouse and the fermenter to make this beer. Its pineapple aromas may lead you into thinking that the beer will be sweet, but it actually has a fairly dry finish with very effervescent carbonation. The Centennial dry-hop helps to integrate the pineapple to the beer.

Mastodon’s drummer, Brann Dailor, chose the style and came up with the name, a play on their song “Where Strides the Behemoth” from their album Remission. ‘Bromeliad’ refers to the genus to which the pineapple family belongs.

MFB Pils
Bittering: Warrior, Dry Hop: Centennial
Belgian Ale
13.5 Plato
Hazy Pale Gold

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