Surly Pils

Dry-hopped Lager Series

Occasional Kegs

Surly Pils is the name of a series of hop-oriented lagers that will explore various hop varieties, similar to our Hopshifter project. Surly Pils is built around a crisply bitter, dry finish, differentiating it from Hell, SurlyFest, Schadenfreude, and other Surly lager brands. The hop-driven flavor profile is given a non-traditional twist through a generous dry-hop addition.

#1 Hallertau Blanc
#2 Hallertau Blanc & Huell Melon
#3 Warrior & Hallertauer Saphir
#4 Warrior & Spalter Select
#5 Warrior & Mandarina Bavaria
#6 Warrior, Hallertau Blanc, Saphir & Spalter Select
#7 Warrior, Steiner Hop Aroma Extract & Spalter Select
#8 Warrior, Spalter Select & Loral
#9 Warrior, Spalter Select, Loral & Hallertau Blanc
#10 Warrior, Spalter Select

Weyermann Pils, Acidulated, Carafoam
Varies from series to series
German Lager
12º Plato

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