1349 Pale Ale

Pale ale brewed with citrus peel


This pale ale was brewed in collaboration with the Norwegian brewery, Lervig, and the Norwegian black metal band, 1349. Intended as a partner to the 1349 Black Ale, this pale ale has a bright, citrusy feel, with a spruce-like piney aroma, a zesty malt character and crisp bitterness. Curacao orange peels and lemon peels were added at the end of the boil and it’s been dry-hopped with Equinox hops, which are known for their citrus, tropical and herbal notes. The label art for the bottles is The Nix as a White Horse (1909) by Norwegian artist Theodore Kittelsen.

2-row base malt, Weyermann Acidulated
English Ale
14.5º Plato

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